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One-Step Smoothing Foam

This is a professional product only

Category: One-Step Treatment
BASIC One-Step Smoothing Foam is based on new technology that strengthens, repairs, and smooths the hair using naturally derived ingredients.  By using a blend of enriched amino acids in conjunction with heat the hair is temporarily elongated (smooth) without use of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or alkaline ingredients. Ideal for natural textures seeking the versatility of straight looks as well as relaxed textures seeking to fight reversion and frizz. Lasts for up to 20 shampoos.

Fannette Morris, Stylist
“As a stylist of 23 years, the BASIC line has made me totally rethink the way I approach my business,”
Mr. Shorty
Metro Atlanta
"BASIC is the real deal!" I love using the Carbon System in conjunction with Boost for Locs and my natural clients. Not only does it ''locks and seals in moisture'' but the BOOST reinforces the hair giving it more strength from within. I just looooove looove looove BASIC.
Glenda H.
“Great product, works wonders on your hair!”
Brenda Gordon, Stylist
After the One-Step Smoothing System, my daughter’s curl pattern is more defined and hair is more manageable.”
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