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Have questions about your favorite BASiC products? Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions!
The BASIC One-Step Smoothing System combines new technology and proven results for a safe alternative to harsh keratin treatments. The process is based on the One-Step Smoothing Foam and does not involve multiple trips to the shampoo bowl, multiple blowdries and multiple passes with the flat iron. One-Step Smoothing System is available to professionals only for use in the salon.

The active ingredient in the One-Step Smoothing System is " Cystine Amino Acids." Anything that is measured on the Ph scale is considered to be a chemical, even water--which has a pH very close to seven. BASIC's One-Step Smoothing System has a pH of 1.5 which means it is acidic (like lemon juice) and very low on the pH scale. Therefore, BASIC's One-Step Smoothing System poses no harm to the hair like harsh chemicals, such as relaxers and permanent hair colors, which have a much higher pH. Additionally, the system does not contain chemicals that break disulfide bonds, therefore the effect is not permanent.

The One-Step Smoothing System is NOT a relaxer. It is an amino-acid based, temporary smoothing treatment. The system does not contain chemicals that break disulfide bonds, therefore the effect is not permanent.
No, the One-Step Smoothing System is not a keratin treatment. One-Step Smoothing System relies on amino acid molecules, which are the building blocks for keratin proteins to smooth the hair. It requires no use of formaldehyde.
Yes! The One-Step Smoothing System is excellent for clients who are in transition, or growing out of a relaxer. It is best to wait until the client has at least 1 to 2 inches of new growth before applying the Smoothing System. This System will help to stop excessive breakage and mend the lines of demarcation between the two textures. Since the smoothing system is activated by heat, the length of the new growth will be easier to apply the flat iron- but if applied earlier it will assist the strength of the line of demarcation even if only heat from a dryer is applied. 
Yes. BASIC's One-Step Smoothing System is safe to use on color treated hair. The System must be applied AFTER high lift color services, and BEFORE semi or demi permanent color services. If One-Step Smoothing System is applied after deposit colors (semi/demi) it may remove some of the color pigment, leaving a lighter color. We recommend using BASIC’s Leave-In Conditioner on high-lift hair colors BEFORE applying the One-Step Smoothing System. 
There is no waiting period for receiving color and the One-Step Smoothing System. Both can be done in the same day.
Yes. The One-Step Smoothing System must be applied AFTER high lift color services, and BEFORE semi or demi permanent color services.
The One-Step Smoothing System can be used on ANY type of hair, including relaxed, naturally curly, color-treated, grey and previously relaxed hair. 
Yes. The One-Step Smoothing System is ideal for male clients seeking to create waves and achieve greater curl definition. The system can be applied without the final flat iron. 
The One-Step Smoothing System is not a chemical. While the One-Step Smoothing System is not chemical-based, it does have a pH similar to lemon juice. For professionalism, BASIC recommends wearing protective gloves during application. 
You can use the Clarifying Shampoo outside of the One-Step Smoothing System as preparation for any treatments or color.
Yes, the One-Step Smoothing System is ideal for clients transitioning from wearing relaxers to wearing their hair in its naturally curly state. One-Step Smoothing System will help them to achieve manageability between the different textures of hair. 
Yes, the One-Step Smoothing System will not permanently alter the hair’s curl pattern. Clients who enjoy wearing their natural hair texture will experience easier straightening with less heat and reversion, but will be able to return to their curl pattern when desired. 
Yes, the One-Step Smoothing System is not a chemical relaxer and is safe for previously relaxed hair. 
It is always important to consult with your client first to make sure you are achieving his or her desired style. The One-Step Smoothing System will slightly elongate the natural curl pattern, seal and rebuild damaged cuticles, and eliminate frizz and swelling in the hair. Depending on the amount of heat that is used during the smoothing process will determine if the natural curl pattern will be compromised. Hair is made of Keratin Protein, and excessive heat styling to the hair shaft will cause the hair to create a "straight memory," and reduce the hair’s natural ability to spring or coil back. Using less heat will retain more and using more heat will retail less curl. 
The BASIC Boost™ Treatment is a conditioning treatment that infuses Quinoa extract (a protein-fortified ingredient) into the hair to address a number of hair concerns such as breakage, color fading, frizz, dryness and dullness. Available to both professional and retail customers, Boost™ provides lasting, salon quality results.
No, the Boost™ Treatment consists of naturally-derived ingredients with high protein levels. 
No, the Boost™ Treatment is a conditioning treatment, not a chemical relaxer. 
Yes! Boost™ is highly recommended for chemically treated tresses. Boost™ will help to maintain a natural pH of 6.5 to stabilize chemically treated hair. This process will immediately stop breakage, fortify the hair, and produce a brilliant shine to dull over processed hair.
Yes! Apply Boost™ Treatment after color services, before styling as usual. Boost™ will help to lock in the color, seal the cuticle layer along the hair shaft, which allows for a more vibrant and shiny reflection of the color.
Boost™ does not permanently alter the disulfide bonds of hair, so the results are not permanent. 
For best results, use the Sulfate Free Shampoo before using the Boost™ Treatment. The Clarifying shampoo can be used as a 1st shampoo before using the Boost™ sulfate free shampoo.
“Sulfate” is short “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,” an ingredient frequently found in shampoos. This detergent can be stripping to the hair, so shampoos without sulfates leave out this ingredient to be less drying. 
BASIC'S Clarifying Shampoo is the 1st step in the Smoothing System. The Clarifying Shampoo is pH balanced to remove surface oil, dirt, and build-up of the hair shaft to prep the hair for the One-Step Smoothing Treatment. It is gentle enough to use every day for excessively oily hair textures without stripping the hair of its natural oils. BASIC'S Conditioning Shampoo can be used on all hair types and textures to gently cleanse and condition the hair without a heavy build up or residue. The Conditioning Shampoo detangles, and leaves the hair soft and manageable. This shampoo is also used as the maintenance shampoo with the One-Step Smoothing System.
The Clarifying Shampoo cleanses the layer of debris, dirt and grime from the hair without stripping the hair of moisture.
Celerity Conditioner is a 2 - 20 min moisturizing conditioner that is rinsed out of the hair. It is also one of the maintenance conditioners for the One-Step Smoothing System. This conditioner can be used on all hair types and textures without weighing down the hair. The Leave-In Conditioner  is a light weight spray conditioner to be used as a moisturizer, detangler, blow dying lotion, and curl refresher.
For clients transitioning out of relaxers into wearing their natural texture, you should begin with the Boost™ Treatment. 
You can use your favorite BASIC Shampoo and Conditioning set, and use Leave-In Conditioner and BASIC’s Setting Lotion. Roll and set the hair as usual. For a finished look, apply BASIC'S Herbaceous Oil to hair and scalp, or Shine Serum for gloss and curl definition.
First thing to do is to contact your local distributor.  If you do not have a distributor in your area, contact Corporate Office at 888.672.4819. Our potential educators should be invited by their distributor if one is available, be a Gold or Platinum members, have used the product for at least 2 years, and show proof of attendance at 5 BASIC classes.

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